Friday, November 7, 2008

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1

It seems like everywhere I've seen this previewed or reviewed online, my name was left out of the credits, but I did color it. Here's the cover and a few pages I colored. Written by Kevin Grevioux, drawn by Mat Broome, inked by Sean Parsons.



Lisa said...

Jerks for not crediting it to you.(

It looks great!

Jasen Smith said...

Woah these are freaking sweet!!

Dylan said...

Checked this out a couple of weeks back. Impressive stuff man. :]

Massacremike said...

Hey, I snagged this book and thought it read well and LOOKED even better. The colours are fantastic and it's a shame you didn't receive the proper credit. Is there some form of compensation you can get?

Are you colouring future issues? Perhaps they'll print an apology?