Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update Time!

Update time...
Here's some more Teen Titans: Year One from iss. 5. I'm a little bummed about this issue. The art came in late and the ship date had already been moved back a few times, so when it finally was all ready to color, I only had several days to do my part. Because of the rush, I got a couple things wrong in the colors, which happens sometimes and isn't a big deal, because the editor would catch it and let me know to fix it. The problem this time is that production sent the messed up files to print rather than the new corrected ones. It's not their fault. I'm sure they were scrambling just like the rest of us to get the book off, but it bums me out that not only did the book print late, it printed late with mistakes. *sigh*

Here are a few pages the way they were supposed to look. Apologies to anyone who bought the book and wondered why Kid Flash kicked himself in the head or why Wonder Girl was tearing down blank posters in her room at the end.

Pencils by Karl Kerschl and inks by Serge LaPointe. Colors by me.

Next up is Superman Batman #50. This book had several artists involved, but these pages were drawn by Ian Churchill. Again, colors by me.

And one more for fun, drawn by Justin Copeland, colored by some dude named me.


sketchfro said...

Not bad at all, I really like how the colors work so well with the lineart. How'd you do that water balloon breaking? The scene in the car is nice also, I like how the windshield shows a slightly different color then usual. And everyone loves Calvin & Hobbs!

Lisa said...

Looks great!

And lol at 'some dude named me'.

rory said...

Your color Kung Fu is strong!

Tom Bondurant said...

Really great work!

I'm curious as to how much of the "color details" are yours, and how much are from the pencils. With regard to the Teen Titans pages, I'm thinking specifically of things like the cliff face, the wrinkles on the couch cushions, and the bumps and crevices in the cave wall.

Your work really is beautiful, and it made TTY1 #5 great fun to read.